Siu Mai: Prawn & Pork Dumplings

I stumbled upon this incredible website The Dumpling Sisters, whose motto is an appropriate ‘Taking on the world through Chinese Food”.

These guys were featured on Jamie Oliver’s Search for a Food Tube star, and have just started writing their own cookbook. Needless to say the taste of these dumplings speaks for itself.

Click the link here to visit their site for the original recipe. My amended recipe below – pretty much exactly the same except I ran out of carrots so I garnished with sesame seeds which was delish.



This recipe makes 10-12 dumplings. 


100g pork loin (approx. 1 loin)

50g raw prawns, unshelled (approx. 6 prawns)

1 Chinese mushroom, soaked in hot water ~ 5-10min

1 slice ginger


1/4t salt

1 pinch pepper

1/8t sugar

1/8t baking soda

1/4t cornflour

3/4t light soy sauce

1t Shaoxing rice wine

1 1/2t water

1t sesame oil


10-12 wonton wrappers – you can find these at your local Asian Grocery Store.


Sprinkle of sesame seeds


Dice up the pork loin before proceeding to a d’huk it. Essentially, this means hacking it up into smaller pieces. This is a good way to let off some steam.

Chop prawns into small pieces, and d’huk lightly.

Dice ginger and softened mushroom into very little pieces.

Dice carrot into tiny pieces for the garnish.


To a large bowl, add pork, ginger and mushroom. Leave out the prawn at this stage. 

Add all of the marinade ingredients except for sesame oil.

Using your chopsticks, begin to mix the filling. Keep mixing vigorously in one direction so that the meat begins to bind together, about 2 minutes.

Add prawn and sesame oil, and gently mix to combine.

Cover and leave to rest in the fridge for an hour.

Time to mould your dumplings!

Place a teaspoon of mixture in the centre of each wrapper – in the palm of your hand scrunch the wonton up, and pinch around the outsides.

Time to get steamy!

If you are using a bamboo steamer, line the base with lightly greased parchment paper to stop the siu mai from sticking. Cook for between 6 – 8 minutes with the lid on, over boiling water.

Moments before serving, sprinkle your dumplings with some Sesame for some added texture and crunch.

I made a simple sauce out of soy sauce and vinegar.



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