Kyoto Eats: Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion

I had some seriously memorable meals whilst in Kyoto. I think Japanese cuisine is somewhat overlooked and misunderstood, mostly because in Australia all we really think when it comes to Japanese is Sushi. But it’s not even ‘real’ Sushi, it’s an Australian version of sushi; cream cheese and chicken nori rolls? I mean, c’monnnnn! That’s not sushi, and it is not a fair representation of what Japanese food is. Enter, real Japanese food; which in turn means real good times for you and your taste buds.

I had some seriously memorable meals in Kyoto. Christmas Day – no Turkey to be found here! I spent hours prior to our departure trying to find the perfect restaurant for Christmas Day, and that I did.

Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion

We dined in the private ‘Banquet Room’ which seats 20 – so it was rather palatial for the 7 of us – and had the ‘Tempura Course/Aoi’. At JPY 5000 (about $AU 50) it was a steal.

We caught one of the local buses from central Kyoto, and spent about 5 minutes wandering around the gorgeous streets trying to find the restaurant. From about 200 metres away we were greeted by a Japanese woman dressed in a Kimono of sorts, who must have known we were on the hunt for their restaurant as we were the only Australian’s walking down the quiet little street.

We took off our shoes of course, and took up our places on the tatami mat floor.




Below are a few of the courses we ate whilst at Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion.






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