Kyoto Eats: GoGyo Ramen

To me, there is nothing more delightful than slurping up noodles; Ramen noodles to be more specific. If you’re following me on Instagram you have probably established that 60% of my diet consists of Asian foods and I secretly enjoy a bowl or Ramen more than I care to admit. In fact I’ve eaten it once a week for the last month!

The soup itself in all its pork-fatty goodness is unlike any other, and the feeling you get whilst eating it is unmatched. Controversial statement: there is no better comfort food – this is worthy of debate if anyone cares to start one.

When you’re in Japan you will notice straight away just how many Ramen restaurants there are, and Ramen menus are always home to gyoza too – they’re best friends(click here for an easy-to-make-at-home gyoza recipe). So amongst the many options, if you are a fan of Ramen you absolutely MUST dine at GoGyo Ramen. MUST. There is no question involved whatsoever, it is imperative that you go. If you get lost down alleyways trying to find it, persist, because much like chasing rainbows there is definitely a pot of gold (en Ramen) waiting for you at the end.

The majority of people order their renowned Burnt Miso Ramen, however I sampled the Burnt Soy Ramen and thus my life changed accordingly. You’ll be pleased to know that if you aren’t visiting Kyoto, GoGyo also has two restaurants in Tokyo – woo!

Triple fried Karaage in all of its glory
Crispy fried Gyoza
Crispy fried Gyoza
Tonkatsu Ramen
The Burnt Soy Ramen
The Burnt Soy Ramen



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