Seminyak: Eats

Bali, loved and revisited often by some and yet often put into the ‘I’ve-got-no-desire-to-go-there’ category by others. Myself, I am happy to report that the few preconceived ideas I had were mostly incorrect – I loved it. Didn’t like, but loved. I often struggle visiting places that seem to have lost their own cultural identity … More Seminyak: Eats


A thousand and one car horns blaring, homeless children tapping on the car window, a cow ambling along amongst the traffic – welcome to India!    First stop, Delhi. Somewhere I have no urgent desire to visit again, I felt uncomfortable for the majority of the 48 hours I was there. Even travelling with my … More Delhi

Kyoto Eats: Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion

I had some seriously memorable meals whilst in Kyoto. I think Japanese cuisine is somewhat overlooked and misunderstood, mostly because in Australia all we really think when it comes to Japanese is Sushi. But it’s not even ‘real’ Sushi, it’s an Australian version of sushi; cream cheese and chicken nori rolls? I mean, c’monnnnn! That’s … More Kyoto Eats: Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion