India: Agra, city of the Taj!

Agra – on everyone’s to-do list but most don’t get there for a long time, if ever! Luckily this was my first (definitely not the last) trip to India and as a result was of course a non-negotiable. I don’t think you can go to India without visit the Taj?! Amiright?!

We had heard that there were some pretty amazing restaurants in Agra, so not being able to get a last minute booking at Esphahan at the Oberoi (it is my dream to return to Agra and stay at the Oberoi) we went for the apparent next best – Paatra at the Jaypee Palace Hotel. Expectations were exceeded! Absolutely delicious Indian food. Perhaps made even more delicious by the band playing some traditional Indian tunes! I would happily return and eat this meal all over again. Look at those naans! I am officially a naan fanatic.

The next morning we woke up bright and early before the crowds and took our tour of the Taj. There is a reason it is one of the most visited sites in the world, it is beyond anything I could describe in this post so you must see it for yourself. See a selection of images from a much larger collection below.

The Royal Gate – entry to the Taj!  
The building to the right there is one of two ‘guest houses’ – people don’t actually stay here anymore obviously.

 Next up on the whirlwind Agra tour is a visit to Agra Fort, on a tiny 94ha parcel of land construction on the massive fort began in 1565 and housed. Visiting places as old as this provides such a surreal experience, it is hard to imagine how structures like these came to be without modern technology.



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