Seminyak: Eats

Bali, loved and revisited often by some and yet often put into the ‘I’ve-got-no-desire-to-go-there’ category by others.

Myself, I am happy to report that the few preconceived ideas I had were mostly incorrect – I loved it. Didn’t like, but loved.

I often struggle visiting places that seem to have lost their own cultural identity and to some Seminyak is one of those places. At first whilst I feel as though I expected more, once I looked past the main streets and restaurants that have obviously been designed and created entirely with the Western palate and requirements in mind, after a few days, I started to notice more and more little bits of Balinese and Indonesian accents coming through. Yes, if you go there seeking certain non-adventures and are purely there to do as you would do at home – eat and drink western-style foods in western-style restaurants, never really leaving your hotel – you can definitely do that and have a fabulous time! My thoughts though are that you could have stayed in Australia and done that…

 So, albeit hypocritically most of my meals were not Indonesian and yet so fantastic! What made the difference for me is that the people, the majority of taxi drivers, the people behind the counter in the Circle K’s, and most definitely the waiters and waitresses were all so friendly – a warmth and level of hospitality I have only found when visiting Asian countries. This contributed greatly towards my newly found fondness for Bali.

Below are a few of my favourite spots in Seminyak . Next week I’ll share even more places to visit in Bali, along with my fabulous experience at Waruny Eny a local Balinese restaurant; dining there first and then returning to participate in a cooking class led by the husband and wife owners Annie and Wayan.

Potato Head Beach Club

        Eggplant salad w. cherry tomatoes, marinated feta & rocket and Mahi Mahi ceviche marinated with arak, coconut, coriander and chilli. That ceviche was absolutely brilliant.

Shelter Cafe    A Nalu bowl (Nalu Bowls is apart of The Shelter Cafe and is downstairs) – absolutely delicious!  Scrambled eggs and corn fritters.

The Chia pudding.

Motel Mexicola – One of my favourite restaurants, no detail amiss here, probably one of the most incredible fit outs I’ve seen in a restaurant! Fantastic service and super delicious food.         


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